About PlateRate

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Earn free food

You can earn up to a 60%+ discount on your favorite food at PlateRate restaurants.

The following credits are cumulative:

Common Credits:

  1. 30% on your first order from each new restaurant.

  2. 30% when you try a new top-rated menu item.

Early adopter credits:

  1. Extra 10% if you’re the first person ever to rate something.

  2. Extra 30% if you’re the first to do a FlavorMatch review.

Food that meets your dietary preferences

Tell us what menu items meet your dietary preferences, if you do, we will:

  1. Only incentivize you to try menu items you can eat
  2. Hide all menu items from the menu you can’t eat*

* You can get them back for a friend with our menu search options

Find the best anything, anywhere

PlateRate is dedicated to helping you find the best rated anything, anywhere. Just enter what you are looking for with a location, and we will show you who serves it and where to get the highest rated one. We show you the highest rated ones first, not who pays us the most money like the competitors.

Here’s a search for pancakes

menu item reviews

Share and earn $10 in free food

If you share the app with your friends, and they use the app to earn free food, you earn $10 of free food after your friend spends $. That’s our way of thanking you for sharing our app with your friends.

Why we’re better than the competition for you and restaurants

We are more profitable for restaurants

We don’t do unethical things like our competitors

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We want your feedback

If you have an idea for us, or there's something that you don’t like about the site, let us know at feedback@platerate.guru. We read every piece of feedback we get! We want to build your dream food-tech app, and we hope we’re off to a good start in doing so. But if we’re not, please let us know what would get us there!


Our Vision

  1. PlateRate seeks to transform the way consumers find and review food and drinks while providing the opportunity for restaurants to engage customers and maximize profitability.

  2. Creating the Ultimate Dining Experience FOR YOU while helping make restaurants as profitable as possible -- by being a champion of integrity and winning through generosity

  1. We’re starting by connecting you with the best tasting food and drink - for you - at restaurants!

  2. We also encourage food exploration / trying new menu items by rewarding exploration with free food, to increase the diversity of food and drink you’ve tried.

Our Social Mission

  1. Social mission: Help train people to do their dream job (we spend up to 10% of our revenue every year training people to pursue their dream job)

  2. Every day - for diners we maximize the pleasure you get from the food and drink you consume while making sure you’re happy with every aspect of your experience with the restaurant (every time you dine in a restaurant)

  3. We create innovative solutions with the highest integrity to make raving fans of our partner restaurants)

Why use PlateRate instead of the competition

We present you with the best tasting food for you, not the food that makes us the most money

We don't accept money to change search results - ever. We're focused on finding you the most useful search results for you. We always provide accurate search based on your request.

Our competitors sort based on who pays them more money. They steer you to their most profitable customers. Here's an example of this in the news:


Main takeaways from the article:

  1. Seamless and grubhub make more money from some restaurants than others

  2. They will show you the restaurants that are most profitable for them, even if they’re not the highest rated and you asked for the highest rated restaurants

This is a pretty clear example of putting profitability before honesty and accuracy, which is something PlateRate will NEVER do. Our first cultural value is integrity, before everything including profitability.

Here's how you can find proof of this yourself:

If you want proof of this, try going to Seamless/Grubhub’s website and sort by their “Default” sort for restaurants. You'll notice the top restaurants are 5 or 4.5 stars, then it goes down to 4 stars, but then you will see 4.5 star restaurants again below the 4 star restaurants. As the news article states the 4 star restaurants paid more than the 4.5 star restaurants to be shown above them... Try this test with any other ratings website you use and see if they sort honestly or not. If you see this on PlateRate, it's a bug and you should report it. Let us know at feedback@platerate.guru, and we will fix it so we're sorting correctly (though it should never happen with us).

Our ratings have integrity

PlateRate’s #1 cultural value is integrity first - over everything including profitability. If you want to support a company that values integrity first, support us by using our app!

We have sophisticated algorithms that “de-prioritize” out fake reviews so they aren’t viewed by default. Our algorithms are constantly improving. Some of our competitors have been accused of filtering out high ratings from companies that don’t pay them advertising fees -- We will never do this! Our filtering algorithms are not at all connected to how or when we make money, they are focused only on providing the highest integrity reviews to you.

To provide full transparency, we never delete reviews unless they have illegal content. We simply “de-prioritize” them -- If you want to search excluding our filters, our advanced search will let you search including “de-prioritized” reviews and you can search all reviews left on our platform.

We do social good

Only 13% of the U.S. workforce is passionate about their jobs:


In addition, PlateRate dedicates 5-10% of its revenue every year towards doing social good - Helping people identify and get skilled at their dream job. So by supporting us, you’re helping make the world a better place. For more questions about the social good we plan to do feel free to email us at socialgood@platerate.guru