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Personal Diet match

Find the best foods and drinks to fit your dietary needs

PlateRate Deals

My PlateRate

Rate and remember your favorite menu items

PlateRate Deals

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Save with offers from PlateRate and partners

PlateRate is now on Android & iOS TM

Download the app and update your own food journal!

Even More Reasons to Love Plate Rate

PlateRate Deals

Find the Best Food for You

See the highest rated menu items, so you can find “fan favorites” and the best food at each restaurant

PlateRate Deals

Flavor Profiles

Exclusive to PlateRate, rate and view the flavor profile (sweetness, saltiness, etc.) of menu items.

PlateRate Deals

Portion Size

View the size of portions before you order.

PlateRate Deals

Food Presentation

Only with PlateRate, rate the presentation of menu items, so you and others will know in advance just what to expect.

PlateRate Deals

Separate Food & Service Ratings

Rate menu items, including drinks, and service separately, so you can choose where to dine accordingly.

PlateRate Deals

Noise Level

View the noise level of a restaurant.

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