Eat it. Rate it. Get rewarded
For trying each highly rated dish!
Order & Eat it.
Get rewarded for eating and
rating delicious food!
Pickup and delivery: Eat with friends,
pay from your card
Order in: Dine in, pay with separate
checks from your phone easily
Order ahead: For when you’re in a rush:
pre-order your food so it’s ready
when you sit down.
Rate it
Rate your food and drinks to earn up to 60%+
of your order in credit towards free food.
Free food credits you can earn:
+30% First order here
+30% Your first rating of this item
+10% First rating ever of this item
+40% First detailed review ever of this item

Up to 110% towards your next order!
Get rewarded
Redeem at the same restaurant on a future
order & earn another 30% on something new
When you order again from this restaurant:
Use all the free food you earned (up to 60%)
Earn up to a 30% credit for trying NEW highly rated
menu items
Most profitable for restaurants
Biggest increase in customer loyalty in the industry