PlateRate Rewards

There are lots of ways to earn free food with PlateRate!

Do you want to try new food, but don’t like taking a risk to pay full price on something you may not like? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a credit for free food every time you try something new on PlateRate. Credits typically range from 20-30% of the value of the menu item, which you earn in free food for that restaurant. This will help you get more adventurous in your food and drink choices… diversity is the spice of life, so try lots of things at your favorite restaurants and then come back and order your favorites again!

First Order from a Restaurant

The first time you order from a restaurant, you get an additional credit for free food on top of the free food credit you get for the first time you try an individual menu item. Typically this credit will be 20-30%.

First Rating Ever

If you are the first person to ever rate a menu item, you may earn up to a 10% additional credit in free food to rate it.

First FlavorMatch ever

If you are the first person to do an expert review of a menu item, you may earn up to a 40% additional credit to be the first to provide an expert review. It only takes a few seconds!

Share the app with friends and earn $10 in free food

When we start offering discounts, we will also start making money. Here’s a fun fact -- If you share the app with your friends, and they use the app to get discounts, you earn $10 in free food once your friend spends $120 on PlateRate! That’s our way of thanking you for sharing our app with your friends. The more discounts your friends use, the more free food you earn. So share the love with your friends (use the share link under the hamburger menu to get credit for referrals!)