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So, hop on the flavor train and start experiencing food like never before. Find good breakfast restaurants near you, personalize your meal, and help maintain healthy eating habits. PlateRate is your ultimate solution to go out or order out, just the way you like!

Using PlateRate is as simple as eating noodles. Just follow the quick steps to find the best tasting food and drink FOR YOUR PALATE in a brand new way!

Why you want PlateRate in your neighborhood

Be a Food Explorer

Earn discounts by rating your food!

My Platerate

Rate and earn remember your favorite menu item

Personal Diet Match

Find the best foods and drinks to fit your dietary needs

Earn Rewards

Save with offers from Platerate and partners

Reasons why people love Platerate

“I was searching for the best lunch near me when | came across PlateRate - the growing community of food enthusiasts and healthy eaters. | can record my food preferences down to the pinch of salt, share it with others and discover the best rated restaurants near me with extensive details!"

“The app has been created with a vision to provide the users with the best pickup, delivery, dine-in, and order ahead experience. We all like our food to be prepared as per our personal taste, and with PlateRate you can do exactly that!”

“Be it monitoring your health or experimenting new dinner places near me, your restaurant table is going to be a delight every time. The app provides you with all the important details of the food menus and restaurant attributes that help create the ultimate dining experience!”

“Life has become simple with PlateRate, ask me how? Being a vegetarian | don't have to go through the entire menu to find my options. I can just use filters to find food recommendations according to my palate. The bigger advantage is that | save money by reviewing each menu item i eat at that particular restaurant.” -Akanksha @TheFoodLoveBook