Flavor Profiles

Carry your personal food flavor profiles with you! Match the food profiles that you really like and make sure that the food you order is prepared to your taste. You can find food that’s compatible with your palette. PlateRate keeps a track of your personalized taste preferences so that you can enjoy food as you like it to be.

Portion Size

Often when someone searches for fast food near me, they're wary of overeating or ordering food that might go to waste. This has happened to all of us at some point in time, Hence, PlateRate also keeps an account of the portion size you usually get for a given meal item. If someone has done an expert review, you can see the portion size when you head to a new restaurant in a new city!

Food Presentation

Many of us don't like pineapples on our pizzas, and it'll be great if we could know that before ordering something, The Food Presentation marker in the PlateRate app collects food reviews from PlateRaters and gives you a heads-up on what to expect from a given meal. No more disappointing meals!

Separate Food and Service Ratings

Going to good places to eat near me is more than the food. There is customer service, cleanliness, ambience, and so many other things that come together to make a meal taste so good. With PlateRate, you can individually rate separate services and food preferences, so that other users can anticipate the customer services, ambience, restaurant cleanliness, and bathroom cleanliness you experienced!

Noise Levels

Some meals taste the best with a live guitar, whereas some meals can only be enjoyed in absolute silence. What do you like? Get the type of surrounding with the type of noise level you're comfortable with, so that no one can stand between you and a great dining experience!

Food that is sumptuous and healthy at the same time is hard to find! PlateRate is, one of those food tracker apps that quickly tells you about the best healthy food options in your area, no matter where you go.

When you head out to a new location and search for places to eat near me, you don't always get what you are searching for. But that changes with PlateRate! You'll be able to access the top rated food and drink shared by other PlateRaters just like you.

This would help you stay in sync with your dietary preferences and you'd be able to. pick the best food without thinking "what to eat?" for hours. PlateRate goes one step further and integrates your taste and health with the app, ina smarter way.

Whenever you're searching for good places to eat near me, the app remembers detailed information about your food, Such as;